Looking for ways to help?
Check our News page and click on "1523 Calendar" for Upcoming Events to get an idea of what we have coming up.
All of these events require a lot of planning, preparation, execution and cleanup.  We will always accept help with one or all of these stages.  If a crowd seems too hectic, maybe you can help with setup or cleanup.  If logistics is your game, jump in on planning and preparation.  Just because you want to help doesn't mean you have to do it all.
Let us help coordinate what time, energy and resource you have to give.  Give us a call at our listed number, leave a comment on our Facebook page, directly Message us with Facebook Messenger, or drop in!  Our Stewards can take your point of contact information, and may have sign-up sheets ready and available in our Canteen.
Any Urgent Volunteer needs will be Posted Right Below.  If it's empty, it doesn't mean we don't need help, it just means we're not in danger of Overworking our current Volunteers.  The more hands on deck, the easier the task!
Week of March 18th - 22nd:
Hall Beautification.  Outside Spring Cleanup and Patio Setup.  We need bodies and yard cleaning supplies.  Weed whackers, clippers, rakes, etc...   Anytime, whatever you can get done.  The grounds have CCTV and we can track who did what and thank you properly!
Easter's March 31st Egg Hunt and Breakfast will need Volunteers for both events.  Contact Lisa in the Auxiliary or our "Contact US" page to assist!
Our Gathering Place Ministry (Sunday mornings at 10:30) run by VFW Chaplain Tod L. Smith always needs help setting up and cleaning up.  Also, if you play an Instrument and would like to participate, we'd love for the added element to the Ministry.  Sound engineers, Media Tech, etc...
Bingo Fundraiser (Tuesdays nights at 5 PM) always needs help.  Bingo must be administered by Members by law, but help in the kitchen, Welcoming people and helping assist those with mobility issues, Cleanup after the event.  All need Volunteers every week!
"Celebrity Bartender" events are always in the planning.  If you or someone you know want to assist in staffing a night, Let us know!  We split all Funds Raised with the organizations that help!
Social Media Manager assistance is always welcome!  Our Volunteers are only rising in age and as new Social Media Platforms emerge, we definitely are behind the curve ball!  If you have the time, ability and the will, we'd love the help!
Memorial Day and the Holiday Dazzle Light Parade "Floats" are always needed.  If you have a Truck and a Flatbed Trailer, the VFW always aims to have a "Float" for Veterans and their Families to sit on and ride as many of the Elderly and Disabled Veterans cannot make the walk in the Parades.  If you can assist, please "Contact Us".