When contacting us, please be sure to start off with what area you are contacting us about:

*Veteran in Need
*Community Outreach
*Death of a Member/Funeral/Service Request
*Chaplain Service/Counseling
*Canteen Manager/Hall Useage Manager
*Veteran's Service Officer

Hours of Operation:
M:   2pm - 9pm
T:   1pm - 6pm
W:   2pm - 8pm
Th:   2pm - 9pm
F:   12pm - 2am
Sat:   12pm - 2am
Sun:   12pm - 6pm

As our Community Outreach programs dictate our Operations, our Canteen hours vary.  If you cannot get a hold of a staff member, leave a message and we will definitely get back to you.  The only concrete way to obtain our hours is to call 860-928-9897 and inquire.  We host guests in our Canteen and encourage the Community to stop in and say hi to a Veteran.  Check our Calendar for our events!


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